Business and Civil Litigation

Helping individuals and companies throughout California and the U.S.
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Business and Civil Litigation


As Your Business Litigation Attorneys, We have:

Represented Individuals and Privately Held and Publicly Held Companies in Disputes and Litigation

Worked with LLC's & Public Corporations

Investigated & Pursued Deceptive Trade Practice

Dealt with False Advertising & Unfair Competition

Assisted with Contract Litigation & Disputes

We have Counseled on Dispute Resolution and Settlements of Matters on a Mutually Acceptable Basis

As Our Client, You Deserve:

A Fair Assessment of Your Options

Clear Advice on Business Disputes

The Best Options to Protect Your Interests

California Business Litigation Attorneys

Business disputes and litigation can have a significant impact on an individual and a family, especially when their futures are tied to a business and the furtherance of their objectives. We assist individuals and companies throughout California and the U.S. to assess their options and advise on decisions consistent with their goals. We do not approach matters with a view towards proceeding with litigation unless and until all non-litigation options have been carefully considered and explored in order to see how best to protect the client’s interests and secure his or her objectives.

Our attorneys have ably represented individuals, privately held companies, partnerships, limited liability companies and public corporations in all manner of business disputes, litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings across a broad range of industries. For many years, we have successfully served clients with concerns ranging from contract disputes to intellectual property matters, consumer products and health care providers, to financial services and corporate disputes.

We aggressively protect and serve our clients’ numerous interests in cases such as ones for breach of contractintellectual property, employee-employer matters, false advertising claimsshareholder disputescorporate governance, insurance and indemnity issues and mergers and acquisitions. Consider our law firm as your single resource for quality representation.

Antitrust and Trade Litigation

Any owner of a business enterprise can be adversely affected by complicated antitrust laws and trade regulations, including unfair competition and advertising statutes, complex areas of law regulated by both federal and state governments.

Our Feldhake Law Firm litigation attorneys offer all clients extensive experience representing clients in both private and government antitrust litigation. We have participated in cases involving trade practices, antitrust, mergersacquisitions and divestitures, matters related to RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act), trade regulations, and unfair competition. We represent clients in both state and federal courts, and handle our client needs in dealing with false advertising, unfair competition and all manner of trade-related disputes.

Major Litigation Areas

Our business litigation efforts over the years have extended to all manner of disputes, both potential problems requiring informal negotiation as well as litigated cases, involving intellectual propertyemployment lawpublic entity representationcivil rights, and insurance litigation.

In a litigious environment, these issues face many businesses and individuals, and we take care of our clients to assist them in pursuing their rights as well as cost-effectively resolving disputes others raise with them. We have proven over the past three decades that we can make a difference in the business and financial lives of our clients.

Our Continuing Commitment to You

No one in the legal community is going to work harder at being available to you than our client-focused team, and that includes every attorney, paralegal, legal secretary and staff member. We understand the frustrations clients experience in dealing with lawyers, and at times the sense of feeling powerless in this process. Our relationship with our clients is unique, and everyone at the Firm is committed to keeping you updated and answering your questions. Directly and through affiliated counsel, this is what we provide as your corporate and business law lawyers.

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