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Have Served Clients Across California and the Country in Contract Matters

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California Contract Law Attorneys

Business or career goals and needs can be held captive by contractual obligations that have been broadly written without your best interests in mind. References in agreements, broad phrases, or uncertain clauses seemingly beyond the intent of the contract impact individuals and businesses every day. Contract-related drafting or performance issues spawn all manner of disputes, many calling for careful, almost diplomatic handling, others requiring more aggressive steps through mediation, arbitration or litigation to protect client interests.

Seek the creativity, innovation, and contract law knowledge of attorneys at The Feldhake Law Firm, APC. We have served clients from all of California and across the country in contract matters for almost a hundred years and would welcome an opportunity to assist you in contract preparation.

The General, the Specific

Our proven abilities in the field of contract law cover the following essential activities, reflecting the many examples of how we take the guesswork out of legal representation:

  • We draft contracts, and we draft them to the last detail.
  • We thoroughly review contracts drafted by others and advise on options.
  • We protect against disputes stemming from the specifics of a given contract, and work to resolve them wherever possible.
  • We file contract claims and mediate contract disputes, and litigate them as well if required and in your best interests.

Our outstanding staff of business law attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants are prepared to pursue and defend a range of commercial and contract disputes, including:

  • Business and real estate purchase or sale agreements
  • Vendor-customer agreements
  • Construction and construction management agreements
  • Employment and shareholder agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Non-compete, non-solicitation, and nondisclosure agreements for both employers and employees

Disputes we can mediate or negotiate to a positive resolution range from those between two persons or businesspersons, to an individual or group and a business, to two or more companies. Whatever the contract dispute, our lawyers get the necessary foundation and background to understand the facts and history at issue, and work toward a resolution targeted to achieve your objectives We stand ready to help, whether an existing contract has become a thorn in your side, or a solid new contract is necessary to protect your interests.

Always Accessible to You

Whether it is making time to meet you and hear the details of your contract law situation, or keeping you abreast of every development in your case, our accessibility to you is important to us. It is a constant commitment.

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