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Robert Feldhake is the consummate professional.  I have sought his advice and direction on a number of legal matters for almost two decades, and have always received thoughtful, timely and carefully considered direction. He has also provided thorough, cogent advice to my family members. A number of us, various ages and occupations, are grateful to Robert for helping to resolve, or prevent a variety of problems. The biggest single matter that Robert handled for us was a contentious litigation involving a successful corporation with relatively huge resources. Highly complex because it involved several individuals as well as partnerships, corporate entities and even a nonprofit corporation. I was the primary plaintiff. My professional career, as well as our personal financial situation were at risk. Robert was the lead attorney, and developed the strategy of our legal actions as well as took responsibility for almost all the work. The matter took four years and involved a jury trial that extended over 10 weeks. Robert and I worked closely. He never wavered, and he never faltered in his efforts on our behalf. Our case was so well prepared, and so compelling. And every day of the trial, Robert presented it and presented me in the best possible manner. Deficiencies and weaknesses of our opponent’s claims were exposed. Impeachment of witness after witness occurred under his cross-examination. Robert’s deft handling of voluminous evidence, superb courtroom presence and nimble thinking, gave us a clear advantage and led to a successful outcome at the end of an exhausting trial for everyone.  Robert is extraordinarily intelligent, both on matters of law and in his understanding of individual personalities. All of these attributes are accompanied by character and impeccable integrity. Despite the seriousness of our predicament, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Robert. I remain grateful for Robert’s representation and counsel and I will always consider him both an extraordinary partner and a permanent true friend.

Rudolf L. Brutoco, MD

I have been involved with schools, districts, risk pools and joint power authorities for over 38 years. During that period of time, I have had the benefit of a counsel with phenomenal legal talent -- Robert Feldhake. I have known Robert and have been a client of his for over 24 years. I have experienced Robert's unique prowess in being able to address complex legal issues and/or disputes diplomatically or through litigation as a Chief Business Officer, JPA Board Member and as a Consultant. His service to me and my Districts/JPA as general counsel or as litigation counsel has always be delivered with an eye to extreme customer satisfaction, as well as a high expectation for a positive outcome. When I consider a lawyer for any legal dilemma that I am faced with, Robert is at the top of the list of consideration. It is with utmost confidence and pleasure, that I strongly recommend Robert for any legal situation.

Michael Bishop, Consultant | former Chief Business Official for Compton USD, Paramount USD and Santa Ana USD

I have known Robert Feldhake for over twenty years and have relied on his legal expertise numerous times throughout my career. Robert has provided sound legal advice when dealing with difficult issues within our JPA as well as assisting with writing compliance documents for the JPA. Robert's dedication to his profession is second to none and I am pleased to have him as a business partner as well as a friend.

Barbara Ott, Risk Manager | Brea Olinda Unified School District

When one seeks legal counsel, it is often with a bit of hesitation and trepidation. We all have heard stories or experienced attorneys who are far more interested in racking up "billable hours” than in helping clients. I am happy to report that in my experience with Robert Feldhake this has never been the case. Each time we have worked with Robert we have been treated as if our case really matters. He has always given us the focus, concentration and consideration needed to make us feel like he is truly working for our benefit. His staff has always been efficient, kind and happy to help. His fees have been fair but more importantly, well earned. Being embroiled in legal matters can be stressful. While other attorneys have been known to take days or weeks to return a call or email, Robert is quick to respond to any concerns making your experience smoother and easier. Robert’s knowledge of the law is unrivaled. But he is also willing to admit when he needs to do extra research to find out more or let you know that he is not the best person to handle the issue at hand - a trait which has only deepened my respect for him and his level of integrity. One of the most impressive things about Robert is the way he handles himself in depositions and negotiations. He approaches every meeting with confidence not arrogance, control without condescension and the perfect combination of legal expertise and professional maturity to insure a fair and favorable outcome. As a business owner, it is certain that there will be times when legal counsel is necessary. I am one business owner who is always sure that I can engage confidently and with great trust when being represented by Robert.

Joe Ratanjee, President | World Trade Printing Co.

I take great pride and pleasure writing a few lines about Robert Feldhake. He has been my attorney during the most difficult time of my life and for my family. After years of litigation, including prevailing in every proceeding, one went to trial on a disputed claim of millions of dollars against me based on what others had done in a business venture. Robert was my attorney. He was beside me every single day. He controlled the courtroom, dominated the other lawyers, and the jury loved him. We won the trial and then won the appeal which Robert handled as well. Robert is an extremely hardworking, honest, and sincere person. He is also there for a client, and helped me through all the challenges and issues, and never wavered in his support for me and my family. I would highly recommend him to anyone without any reservations at all.

Meher F. Tabatabai, M.D.

I am a long-time client of Robert Feldhake, with over 20 years of service. Robert is a dedicated attorney who has followed through with me no matter the hour of the day. He has helped with adverse parties, courts, and excellent counsel. He is both honest and fair. He is the attorney you want on your team.

Ray Reynolds | Ray's Credit

I have worked with Robert as a court reporter and as the owner of Ludwig Klein Reporters since 1985. Having reported many depositions and various proceedings for many other attorneys over the years, he is by far the very best attorney with whom I have worked and is the only attorney I consult when I am in need of legal advice. He responds immediately, easily comprehends and analyzes issues, gets matters efficiently and favorably resolved

Lois Ludwig, Certified Court Reporter | Ludwig Klein Reporters & Video

Sam Krane and I were in a complex litigation matter with Robert Feldhake which extended over five years, involving claims and cross-claims relating to the MetRx Companies, a non-profit charitable organization, and various individual parties and consultants. It was contentious, heavy law and motion activity, depositions, and expert work. Ultimately the matter went to trial for three months in Orange County. As Sam and I discussed, it was perhaps the most skilled set of trial lawyers, fully prepared, going at it day after day, week after week, month after month. Trial proceeded without issues due to the professional relationship between lead counsel, and Robert was our point contact with the Defendants and Cross-Claimants. After the verdict, matters were then negotiated and resolved between the parties directly with Robert. Internally and with colleagues, I have shared my assessment, Sam’s as well (who unfortunately has passed away, and was one of the great trial lawyers of the generation), that Robert Feldhake as a litigator and trial lawyer was the most skilled, prepared and honorable attorney we have litigated against in more than 80 years of cumulative litigation practice. I have reached out to him on matters since our case ended. I would recommend him to any client, any lawyer, where there is a need for a litigator, a trial lawyer, a negotiator and someone ho remains professional and keeps lines of constructive communication open with opposing parties and counsel, and where complex facts or issues are presented. He is an outstanding attorney and even more impressive person.

Marc Smith, Esq | Krane & Smith

Robert Feldhake is a tremendously experienced, extremely effective, outstanding and talented lawyer. He has tremendous integrity and dedication to his practice. I have known Robert for approximately 20 years, and I can state without hesitancy that his knowledge of the law, and legal acumen allow him to consistently obtain the most successful results for his clients. He has the unique ability to see the world through his client’s eyes which makes him both technically and personally ideal to work with on issues affecting public entities. Robert works extremely hard for all of his clients. He provides a quality of service with brilliance and does so with the utmost of integrity and patience. Without question, I endorse Robert Feldhake.

Pearl Iizuka | Administrator, Public Schools Joint Powers Authority

Litigation is too often a losing proposition. You may be in the right, and still not prevail… and if you do, the costs will be exorbitant. Robert Feldhake and his firm represented us in such a proposition, and steered a careful and knowledgeable course. The outcome was entirely satisfactory and the work highly professional at all times. These attorneys understand the need for care and attention to detail, and they know that a misstep is far more material than a brilliant move. I strongly recommend this firm for your important work.

Riggs Eckelberry | Chairman & CEO, OriginClear, Inc.

I first met Mr. Feldhake in 1984. He represented me on a multi-defendant case as a very young lawyer. He demonstrated to me his enormous skill as an attorney as he sparred with opposing lawyers. Most of which were 20-30 years older them him. They truly were no match for him. Throughout the years Mr. Feldhake has further represented my family in a number of matters. One of the first things that one notes in dealing with Mr. Feldhake is how organized and prepared he is in preparation for a deposition or a court appearance. This can be most appreciated when you watch opposing counsel shuffle documents and hesitate during the proceeding. In conclusion, I would say that Mr. Feldhake is the best litigation attorney I have seen in my 45 years of business of experience.

Horacio Bellofiore | CPA/PFS

My husband and I have been subjects of an unfortunate lawsuit. My husband and I, and my husband’s business and our partner, were sued on matters we strongly disputed. We have never been a party to a lawsuit before. Robert Feldhake was referred to us by another well respected attorney who we know in our area. Robert took us on as clients, learned the case and ended up knowing as much if not more, about our lawsuit and true facts. Our future was in Robert's hands and we knew we were in the best of hands. This was not a slam dunk lawsuit, our suit did go to trial. The preparation involved to go to trial, the recall by Robert Feldhake, the time he spent with us to prepare, to calm things down, to give us confidence every step of the way, we were very fortunate to have such a capable lawyer on our side. As the party being sued, it is exhausting. For two years, we were in constant work mode, and Robert Feldhake directed us and prepared us with the best advice for organizing and in preparation for trial. He calms and controls a room, and you know you are safe with him. We consider Robert family. If you are ever in this unfortunate situation, my advice, don't hesitate to rely on Robert Feldhake. He cares. The best part about our lawsuit, was meeting Robert Feldhake.

RoseAnne Wells Foxx | Realtor CRS, Bennion Deville Homes

I am pleased to endorse The Feldhake Law Firm and specifically Robert Feldhake, who is one of the most tenacious and hard-working attorneys I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. His reputation is that of a lawyer who will not rest until he has achieved the best results possible. That, and the fact that he is a genuinely a kind person, is a formidable combination. If you are looking for an honest lawyer, one who really cares about people, is accessible and steps up for his clients, and is highly professional, Robert Feldhake is where you want to go for your legal matters. He gives client protective advices, direct answers, and is focused on protecting the client.

Jim Croghan | CEO, Identity Hospitality

I have worked closely with Robert Feldhake for over 30 years. He has represented my agency in a variety of legal matters as well as in the capacity as the agency’s general counsel. Robert is a tireless worker and has the ability to analyze a complex information and distill it to the essential elements that require the focus of decision-makers. Robert is a strong litigator and provides effective representation when court action is necessary. He is a consummate professional.

John Didion, ARM | Managing Director, Captive Insurance for Public Agencies

It is my sincere pleasure to have Robert Feldhake as my personal counsel. For more than ten years Robert has provided exceptional direction, support and legal expertise. Robert has a remarkably calm demeanor that lends itself to a very comfortable professional environment. Robert has assisted me throughout the years with several circumstances that ended successfully, avoiding litigation. Robert is direct and fair; he always extends the courtesy of time and patience. Robert ensures he is clear in his communication and suggested direction. My best interest is always a priority to Robert. I trust Robert and will continue to utilize his legal services for many years to come.

Susan C. Franklin | Director, Tiffany & Co.

I have had the pleasure of working with Robert in his role as General Counsel for several years. He has assisted on numerous matters such as coverage opinions, advice and counsel, and best practices. Robert was particularly helpful on an errors and omission case. His artful pleading, aggressive representation and overall handling of the claim led to an excellent outcome. His legal knowledge, responsiveness and dedication to clients is top-notch.

Stephan Birgel, Esq. | Chief Claims Officer, Alliance of Schools for Cooperative Insurance Programs

Robert Feldhake is most certainly the expert and professional in his field that you want representing you. My relationship with Robert goes back approximately seventeen years. I initially met Robert when he assisted my family with a sensitive legal matter. Robert was personally available to answer any questions or concerns that we had. He brought closure that awarded us for our losses beyond our expectations. Since that time, I have remained in contact with Robert and have reached out to him for various legal matters. Robert always took the time to listen, helped if in his area of expertise, or strategically referred me to another professional he worked with that could help me (and paved the way by calling that professional with background, his input and a diplomatic request to assist me). Roberts character, work ethic, and empathy for others are all assets that I feel allows for him to stand out. However, he is tenacious and an accomplished litigator and trial lawyer as well, and that has earned him the reputation he deserves. I would highly recommend Robert for your consideration.

Janet Haigg | Coldwell Banker Realty

While I have known Robert Feldhake in a professional capacity over the past 13 years, it is in the last 5 or so years that I have had the privilege of working more closely with him. In my role as Employee Benefits Manager, I am responsible for peer reviewing contracts, not only for accuracy, but for content. Mr. Feldhake brings his many years of experience in reviewing contracts to the table to ensure that all our contracts comply and in we are protected from any unexpected loopholes in agreements that could later harm us. We also experienced a need to sue on a serious matter, and Robert was our litigation counsel. Entering into any type of litigation is frightening for us non-legal types. Mr. Feldhake took the time to explain every step of the way what we could expect and answered all our questions. He kept everything calm, on track and successful. He is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom and is diligent to protect the rights of his clients and ensure that public funds are being protected. Robert is a consummate professional. Witnessing him address our Executive Board is inspiring. He is knowledgeable, intelligent, articulate and is well trusted and respected. Mr. Feldhake is a high level professional, and his clients are of utmost importance to him. Mr. Feldhake keeps us informed on the status of any cases we may have with him and his track record gives us the confidence that we have made the right choice in choosing him to represent us.

Ellen Alcala | Employee Benefits Manager, California Schools Employee Benefits Association

My endorsement of Robert Feldhake and The Feldhake Law Firm for speaks to the experience, quality and caliber of their work product. Describing Mr. Feldhake as a dependable, punctual and efficient attorney is only the beginning. He is assertive, stating his opinions and making himself heard while remaining respectful of others. Success is achieved with perseverance and through listening to both parties. Mr. Feldhake is firm however he possesses compassion which enables him to focus on how others feel and is accepting of their perspective, whether or not he ultimately agrees with it. He is successful particularly with delicate or sensitive matters involving public officials such as governing board members where difficult conflicts can occur. A strong attribute of Mr. Feldhake is his apparent sense of ease and calmness in handling situations tactfully, often on the spot or in a timely manner. Countless times over the 8 years that I have worked with him, I have witnessed this ability to take in much information, analyze and synthesize it, in order to provide sound advice to myself and the entity served.

Karla Rhay, Ed.D. | The Karla Rhay Group, LLC.

Robert Feldhake was referred to me regarding a non-compete matter dispute. I met Robert to discuss the case, which entailed potentially forfeiting a large sum of company stock. Robert reviewed the paperwork, immediately made me feel at ease with his grasp on corporate law, and gave me his initial opinion. We discussed the steps he would be taking to resolve the matter expeditiously, and he did just that and successfully in a matter of a few months. He was extremely knowledgeable, ethical, responsive, sound with his advice and very reasonable with his cost structure. Based on my initial interaction with Robert, my current company brought him on board as our corporate counsel and he has been serving in that capacity for the past 15 years. I cannot speak highly enough of his expertise, response time, attention to detail, in-depth knowledge of the law, eloquent penmanship, and the care he has provided to us all these years. Robert has been involved in numerous matters ranging from partnership dispute, shareholder restructuring, labor law cases, company evaluation, and a host of other corporate matters. He fully understands the law, serves as a great advocate and always guides us candidly and calmly to make a rational decision in light of all factors rather than an emotional one. In short, his guidance has been invaluable. I can honestly say he truly has compassion for his clients and always makes himself available no matter the day or time. We never had to make a 2nd call or email to Robert for a response. His expertise, professionalism and response time is unparalleled. We wouldn’t trust any other counsel with our legal matters. Robert’s experience, savviness, care, professionalism and attention are extremely rare in the industry. He’s been a blessing to our Firm!

Brittany Dianat | LEED AP, CEO, iFactor

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Robert Feldhake at The Feldhake Law Firm for over 15 years.  Mr. Feldhake is one of the most professional, talented and ethical attorneys I know. Mr. Feldhake’s reputation precedes him and I would recommend him to anyone.

Cesi Pagano | Cesi Pagano & Associates

Westgroup Designs found itself involved in a dispute with a third party, one which we contested as being invalid. We needed skilled counsel, aggressive, to protect us. We were introduced to Robert Feldhake and his firm. This was our first experience in litigation, and from the outset Robert was equally involved in contesting successfully the issues being raised as he was in walking us through the process, calming things down for us, and making sure we felt we were protected. Litigation can be exhausting, but Robert made it as comfortable, efficient and cost effective a process for all of us. He has a presence with others which controls a room, and one with clients which allows for free and easy discussion with a trusted lawyer. All of us just knew we were in the best of hands, and benefitted from his accessibility and prompt responses. We quickly observed the long hours he works 7-days a week, and no matter the timing of an ask from us Robert always handled it right away. We are still in contact with Robert, and if future matters arose, he would always be our lawyer of choice.

ParaSimi Hassani | CEO, WestGroup Designs

After a lawsuit was filed against our company, regardless of a belief we would prevail my nerves were rattled. Shortly thereafter we met Robert Feldhake who commands attention the minute he walks in. His voice is loud and strong to match his demeanor of “take no prisoners” while at the same time showing a focus on a client’s needs, goals and keeping the situation under control for us. We instantly wanted him on our side.   Robert took complete ownership of our case and expertly guided us through the legal maze, always there for calls, meetings, whatever we needed and whenever we needed it.  That was as much due to his skills as his professionalism in working with opposing counsel, not making things worse, and fighting for us but also always keeping lines of communication open with the other side.  He did not want a war for us, but to end one, and he protected us from start to finish.  On top of that, Robert has become a friend and supporter, and our go to lawyer for any and all matters for direction and good counsel.  I’d personally recommend him to anyone needing a quality lawyer to provide sound advice, act responsibly in your best interests, and most of all help a client understand what is going on, the options, and provide clear and calm direction at all times.

Doug Swanson | VeloBond

In my position as an attorney in Amsterdam, Netherlands, I represent as general counsel a number of corporations in Europe which do business in the United States.   Over the last fifteen years, three have been involved in contract, business and intellectual property disputes with corporations in California.  I was referred to Robert Feldhake as lead counsel to handle these matters, interviewed him among other options, and engaged him repeatedly over the years.  I found Robert to be one of the most responsive, accessible, hardest working of attorneys I have had the pleasure to work with over the last 35-40 years of my practice.  He evaluated matters correctly, planned strategies, directed the representation of my corporate clients, cultivated a good working relationship with opposing counsel, and prevailed or favorably resolved every engagement for my European clients.  His approach, presence, and ability to absorb complicated information, master documents, and cogently and in plain-speak explain matters to counsel, adverse parties and courts were responsible for the successes achieved.  And the mutual respect between capable litigators and trial lawyers on both sides led to resolutions in matters favorable to my clients.  I found working with Robert a pleasure, as he is a true professional who always speaks to what is in the best interests of the clients, and achieves it for them.  I could not more strongly commend him to others needing a quality lawyer to guide them.

Paul Mazel, Esq. | Partner, Dillinger Law, Amsterdam, Netherlands

I was referred to Robert Feldhake by my busines advisor after he consulted with his attorney contacts. I had to respond to California Board of Accountancy and Attorney General Accusation in a formal administrative proceeding arising out of the conduct of a contractor I hired. I had never been through such a matter, and was concerned. Robert was very efficient, on point, and professional, and calmed the situation and guided me through it. He favorably resolved this matter on my behalf. Ever since, he is my most trusted legal advisor. He always keeps me updated on the status of the matter and schedule even when he is in the midst of urgent and serious cases. He makes you feel protected, as you are, and handles things for you.

Miwa Izumi | President/Principal, Izumi & Co., Accountancy Corporation

I have known Robert Feldhake for over 15 years, and have worked with him on numerous cases and matters. He is probably the only attorney I know who is solid, knowledgeable, and the most efficient, professional and sophisticated attorney ever. His fees are the most reasonable. He is extremely polite and caring human being and protects you as client to the max, his knowledge in law is unparalleled, he is well educated with a lots of experience in law. His results in each and every case that I have worked with him have been the most successful that a client can ask for. He is very courteous and very responsive, no e-mail or phone call will be missed by him, you never have to chase him to leave numerous messages before you can hear back from him, no matter where he is or what he is doing, he will always respond to you immediately, unlike most attorneys I know. His knowledge in the areas of his practice are remarkable and has many resources available to him. He is honest and if he cannot handle your case, he will make sure you are put in touch with someone he knows who is a fit, and if he doesn’t feel comfortable with a case, he won’t touch it, but when he does he would give his all to the case. He is always available for you no matter where he is, in or out of office, even if he is in court or a serious trial, he will respond to your inquiry immediately. He uses the most sophisticated computers and equipment as part of his practice with the highest security, in particular now days with so much risk of intervention, your records are always safe.

Bijan Kohanzad | EA, CFE

Having worked with Robert and his firm for over 3 years, has resulted in a new appreciation of honest, caring, and efficient legal representation. His work ethic and commitment in a very contentious business and personal lawsuit for D&R Foxx Inc. and my family as defendants was always evident. The documents in the case were over 30,000 pages, and he and his staff made it simple and manageable, and he got the job done. His own personal ability to understand the timeline, events, and put all the evidence together into an efficient, and factual overview is truly a gift. Robert personally outlined, trained and worked us in preparation of our depositions, including depositions on the opposing party. Robert was always available to discuss any of our concerns and strengthen our emotional outlook in a truly positive way, and most importantly, he was always concerned about our emotional welfare. In and out of the courtroom he was always polite, genuine, professional in appearance and demeanor, and alert and prepared. He has the sense and ability to size up people, whether a Judge or Juror, and to apply that appropriately. Robert even took the extra steps to take us into court to familiarize us, see where we’d sit, where witnesses sit, and prepare us for a courtroom; to help us be comfortable and relaxed in such a different environment. In the end,what Robert really did was take us through what could have been a truly negative situation and transformed it into a positive event. We are very blessed to know and associate with him. This paragraph doesn't even begin to convey all the things Robert has done for my family and me.

Daniel Foxx | President, Foxx Development & Construction Co.

I have had the pleasure of working with Robert in his role as General Counsel for a school district JPA and as outside counsel on litigated matters. He is one of the most skilled lawyers I have ever worked with, and he handles the most complicated and contentious matters facing our member school districts. Robert was an essential in bringing 5 re-insurers to the table in the recent settlement of a $16 million dollar catastrophic injury case involving a minor. In a class- action matter pending in both the New York and California courts, Robert got involved early, monitored both actions, provided analysis and updates, and aided in the retention of competent counsel who effectively defended our client’s interests. His knowledge of the law, ability to quickly research complicated issues and skill at conveying his opinions and recommendations to Boards and individuals is at the highest level one can attain in the legal profession. Retaining Robert to handle difficult legal matters is the best decision an individual, corporation or public entity can make.

Robert Chalfant, Esq. | George Hills, General Counsel

I have known Robert Feldhake for over 20 years, during which period I have had occasion to work with him on many matters he has handled for my clients, as well teaming with him on certain matters for his clients. Uniformly, the response from all clients who have had the opportunity to experience the work by Robert and his team has been extremely positive. In my experience, what separates The Feldhake Law Firm from some other litigators I have known is the culture of helping the client see what is economically feasible and in their own best interests, even when tempers are flared and emotions are high. This realistic and frank approach has saved more than one client from escalating disputes and spending precious resources beyond what is needed to resolve the conflict. If I need good, balanced and trustworthy advice to help with resolving any business dispute, Robert Feldhake is at the top of my list to consult with.

Kenneth S. August, Esq. | President, August Law Group, P.C.

I have known Robert since 1998, and over the years have worked closely with him on several complex cases as co-counsel and affiliated counsel. To be an excellent attorney you have to be dedicated to the practice. Robert’s work ethic and dedication are second to none. More often than not he is the most prepared and knowledgeable attorney in the room. I remember being in a mediation with a highly respected retired trial judge. Robert had previously tried a very complex six-week bifurcated jury trial in front of this judge and the jury came back unanimously 12 to 0 on liability which led to a multi-million dollar settlement before the damages phase of the trial. In the mediation, the judge remarked that Robert was the “best trial lawyer” he had seen in his courtroom. In another matter, I recall a sophisticated business client who had his fair share of lawsuits comment that Robert was a “master” at coming up with creative ways to resolve complex business cases. These are only a few examples. So what you have with Robert is a talented and dedicated attorney who can and will go to trial when needed, but also lead a path toward resolution if warranted.

Dimitri P. Gross, Esq. | Law Offices of Dimitri P. Gross.

Some attorneys are said to be unequaled in their skills and abilities. For the few who exist, their clients refer to them as “my attorney”. But few ever call them friends. Robert Feldhake is unequaled in his skills and abilities, and a friend. We cannot thank him enough for his services, assistance, guidance, support, and friendship. He has provided me, my wife, and our businesses professional legal services for 28 years. His legal expertise and professionalism have been above and beyond expectations in every matter or issue he has provided advice or managed. With reason and patience, he recognized how and when to fight, and when to negotiate or quit. Robert also has a good sense of humor. He knows humor can be good fun and at the same time, good medicine. The law is not always fair, but when needed, a dose of good medicine makes accepting an outcome a lot easier. Thank you, Robert.

Gene and Shelley Ferraro | Westcliffe, Colorado