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About the Feldhake Law Firm, APC

The Feldhake Law Firm, APC, specializes in civil litigation in federal and state courts, government agency representation, insurance and insurance coverage disputes, business litigation, and arbitrations  – alternative dispute resolution, and problem solving efforts on behalf of clients. The attorneys bring 100 years of aggregate experience to these engagements, including an affiliation which provides corporate and transactional expertise of over 30 years. Formed in 2000, and having attorneys with training and tenure as associates and partners in large national firms, the smaller model facilitates ease of access, timeliness of responses and diligent efforts on behalf of clients, aided by a commitment to the best in technology and research systems.

The Feldhake Law Firm, APC has its principal Robert J. Feldhake with prior experience with the Illinois Attorney General, Hinshaw & Culbertson, Lock Lord (formerly Lord, Bissell & Brook), and Musick, Peeler & Garrett, including several years as private counsel for an overseas family and their business interest. The firm also has affiliations and horizontal relationships with several outside litigation counsel, corporate-business counsel, and coverage attorneys, to assist on targeted projects for clients, all with twenty to thirty years experience. The firm operations are supported by Candice Ledford, as Office Manager, Litigation Assistant and internal IT support, as well as by Nancy A. Grace, Executive Assistant facilitating remote operations. The firm has recently gone to full remote facilities, working from established home offices with adjunct and proximate full office facilities and conference rooms available when needed.

The firm has existing long term relationships with attorneys offering almost a hundred years of litigation experience, and has worked and continues to work seamlessly with them on engagements where additional staffing is required. In addition, the firm has an association with August Law Group, P.C., and its principal Kenneth S. August. Mr. August provides corporate, transactional and securities assistance to the firm’s clients. Also affiliated with us is The Law Offices of Terry Weyna. Ms. Weyna is a top coverage attorney, having served as in-house counsel for major carriers and outside counsel and partners in some of California’s top law firms. She provides excellent coverage expertise and experience to augment existing expertise in the firm. The Feldhake Law Firm also has working relationships with former attorneys with us, now running their own firms, who provide additional resources and counsel work on civil litigation and arbitrations where needed. These affiliated attorneys and firms are not part of The Feldhake Law Firm, APC, but reflect a successful active horizontal relationship of independent firms with many years of working together which support one another and provide shared expertise on client engagements.

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What happens when a business, law firm makes a commitment to true client focus? Maintains open lines of communication throughout the business relationship? Is available to answer questions and address concerns at any time, day or night, week after week? Treats you as if you are the firm’s only client, cares that your interests are protected and you feel safe in the relationship?

The result is the establishment of durable, long-lasting relationships with satisfied clients, who then spread the word to others with similar needs. At The Feldhake Law Firm, APC, those are the desired long-term relationships which form the basis of our practice. We do not view a new client as a “single matter” to handle, but rather as a start of a long-term relationship where that client will soon appreciate our commitment, work ethic, responsiveness and loyalty.

Our Commitment to You

Every client we represent receives honesty and accuracy at every juncture. We assess the situation and offer our recommendations in the most practical, direct, and economically feasible manner possible. Clients are owed the best possible advice at the earliest stage, even if the advice is not always what they want to hear. Only that way can clients feel that their attorneys are watching out for their best interests and be able to make fully informed decisions in acting on our recommendations. We respect that clients make decisions, however, and whatever clients direct and decide establishes the goals we pursue on their behalf.  Once engaged, we continually reassess recommendations and strategies to assure that they remain viable or adjust it as needed based upon additional facts and information.

At our firm, the dual policy that powers our commitment to you is that of accessibility and accountability. Every communication from you is returned the same day. Every email, no matter the hour, receives our prompt attention so that your concerns are addressed right away. For us, staying on top of your matter while remaining in close contact with you is of utmost importance, and it also shows appropriate respect to you as a part of the “attorney-client” relationship.

We also take the guesswork out of the relationship. We set timetables for the strategies we set in motion on your behalf, and we stick to them. In short, we commit to do whatever it takes to provide you with quality representation while making sure you know what is happening, why, and concur in the direction being pursued.

A Tradition of Excellence

Robert Feldhake leads a multi-lawyer team that skillfully handles civil trials, arbitrations, mediations, and appeals for private and public sector clients. We have been successful at those pursuits to the degree that other attorneys refer numerous cases to us in difficult areas of practice, or where there is a need for “diplomatic” skills and a sensitivity to business realities in addressing situations as opposed to prematurely looking only to bring a lawsuit where other viable options merit exploration. In these efforts, no one works harder for clients, that is just a fact. Equally true is few can match our track record on behalf of our clients. We have 30-plus years of experience in building durable relationships with our growing list of clients.

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