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Insurance Litigation Lawyers

Regardless of the nature of the dispute, be it a first party problem, a potential claim or controversy, or a matter in litigation, effective client representation requires that attorneys know insurance coverage and are well versed in insurance litigation. At The Feldhake Law Firm, APC we take great pride in our many years of experience in insurance policy review, drafting and interpretations, coverage assessments and dispute resolution, and regulatory matters and transactions involving insurance and reinsurance companies and self-insuring organizations. We have been equally proud to serve as counsel to major national and international companies as well as some of the largest pools in the country.

When it comes to insurance litigation and negotiating insurance coverage disputes, we have experience on both sides, having successfully represented both carriers-pools as well as insureds in all manner of first party and third party disputes.

Where We Have Been

Our demonstrated abilities in the insurance litigation field include the following:

  • Regulatory issues before the State Department of Insurance
  • Corporate restructuring and equity changes
  • Investments, securities, and banking matters
  • Reinsurance and insolvency issues
  • Interpretation of policy language
  • Mediation and negotiation of multi-party and carrier disputes
  • Handling of coverage litigation and issues

Our Wealth of Experience

If your insurance litigation needs demand it, we are fully prepared to appear in state and federal trial and appellate courts, arbitrations or before mediators. Our wealth of experience includes issues of coverage and claims handling, the actual drafting and interpretation of policies, and the litigation of insured and uninsured claims. We also offer dependable counsel to insurers, insureds, brokers, agents, reinsurers and self-insuring pools and joint powers authorities.

Our attorneys and staff stay on top of the progressively complicated business of insurance, alert to the fluctuating trends and constantly changing laws within the industry. Our clients look to us for up-to-date analyses in the execution of their cases.

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