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Intellectual Property Law Attorneys

Maximizing the Value of Intellectual Property

Directly and Through Affiliated Firms, We have:

Helped Individuals and Businesses

Protected Thousands of Brands with Trademarks

Through Copyrights, Protected Creative Work

Handled & Resolved Trade Secret Issues

Successfully Enforced the Right of Publicity

As Our Client, You Deserve:

Compensation for Damages

Responsive Protection of Intellectual Property

Enforcement of Your Rights

Intellectual Property Law Attorneys

Intellectual property is a strategic business asset for many companies. In order to maximize the value of your intellectual property, it is essential to protect it and leverage its use, and to be prepared to pursue equitable and legal actions to protect against infringement or to recover damages.

The intellectual property lawyers directly and through The Feldhake Law Firm’s affiliated relationships, work with businesses, corporations, and software developers, engineers, developers of business processes, artists, musicians and other producers of creative work. We provide preventive and responsive protection of intellectual property assets for clients throughout California and across the nation:

  • Copyright and trademark registration
  • Rights of publicity
  • Trade secrets
  • Licensing agreements
  • Non-compete and confidentiality agreements
  • Misappropriation and unfair competition claims
  • Infringement litigation

Whether you need assistance with registration and proactive protection of your intellectual property assets or you need to respond to infringement, our attorneys can assist you.

Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement

The ideas and branding that set you apart are often among your most valuable asset. We work with individuals and small to mid-size businesses, engineers, computer software developers, researchers, artists and other creators of intellectual property to protect those assets and maximize their income and value potential.

In intellectual property law, protection begins with proper filing and registration. Next, we assist our clients in developing effective internal and employee policies, use guidelines, and licensing agreements. In some cases, trademark or copyright infringement litigation may be required to enforce of your rights.

Should your organization be accused of trademark, trade secret or copyright infringement (including Internet copyright infringement), misappropriation, or unfair competition we provide practical, cost-effective solutions. We are experienced in resolving these disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

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